Alberto Sanchez

Alberto Sanchez is Spanish photographer who lives and works in Australia. He prints and retouches his own photographs using a unique hand-colouring technique. He takes pictures of Asian and European cities which have broad potential for landscape narrative, then he modifies and distorts the picture re-imagining how the city could be: a city in a timeless space, sketches of the future. His body of work investigates the concept of urban expansionism, capitalism and how individuals define themselves in an increasingly overloaded sensorial environment. His pictures search for balance between photography and paint, which then becomes a juxtaposition, a hybrid of the two.

He uses black and white photography to reduce interference with perceived time or modern expectations of the place. He then paints over the image with fluorescent, unnatural colours to bring a level of unrealism. In this way, the viewer can become aware that the picture has been intervened with by hand, that it has an illustrative narrative only achieved through the physical application of the paint. The painting modifies what is already there.

Represented by Retrospect Galleries in Australia, Alberto has exhibited extensively at Art Fairs in Europe, the USA, South America, and throughout Asia where a significant portion of his work is photographed. Alberto has been gaining recognition from both institutions and commercial galleries around the world. His work has appeared in many press articles and publications.

Awards include: Finalist in the Bowness Photography Prize (2013), Finalist in the Wilson Visual Arts Award (2013), Semi- finalist Doug Moran Portrait Prize (2011), finalist Prometheus Visual Arts Award (2011), Australian Institute of Photography Runner-Up QLD Portrait Photographer of the Year (2010), Highly Commended Olive Cotton Award (2009), People’s Choice and Finalist at HeadOn Alternative Portrait Awards (2009) a finalist in the Olive Cotton Award (2008) as well as 15 awards from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (2007-2009).