Andrew Millar

Artist Andrew J Millar (1966) lives in East London and uses a combination of instant film, gold & silver leaf and paint. This creates delicately detailed collage pieces that capture a haunting mix of reality and fantasy. Millar only works with a vintage Polaroid SX-70 whilst exploring manual manipulation techniques using analogue instant film. The gold leaf Polaroid collection has become very significant to the art scene.

He uses instant film to achieve effects by manipulating the emulsion during the development process, separating the image emulsion from the film base, double exposing the film, overlaying the transparencies of by varying the temperature and the developing time to enhance the film’s surreal mood. Millar produces a Polaroid collage each with individually hand-applied 24k gold leaf to create a unique aesthetic, with no two the same.

Andrew has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Barcelona and New York and gave workshops at “The Photographers Gallery” in London.