Atelier Lieverse

Dutch artist Christiaan Lieverse, born in 1971, had his first solo exhibition in 2000 and experienced his international breakthrough in 2005. Since 2008, Christiaan produces under the name of  Atelier Lieverse exclusive editions of selected originals. The work of Lieverse includes abstract, figurative and contemporary work that is internationally exhibited at leading fairs and exhibitions.  The common thread running through Lieverse’s figurative work has always been man and psyche. His paintings seek to captivate viewers and raise questions, while at the same time permitting individual interpretations. Recently Lieverse’s work is about the world today and the questioning of identity and diversity in a globalising world. Through his projects, he explores the themes related to social identity in a virtual environment, the malleability of society, cultural identity and migration. The intention of his work and projects is to offer people a new perspective on these issueHe also reflects on shifting boundaries in contemporary research and aesthetic surgery. Through the paintings part of the project ‘Playing God’ he highlights the changing perceptions of beauty while defining and distinguishing natural beauty and artificial beauty.

He captures individuals with a story, exposing their vulnerability. Using a different kind of materials, he seeks to find a balance between triviality (pettiness) and beauty, vulnerability and rawness (immaturity). Several layers of paint and materials are used to create transparency, colour depth and structure. The contrast of the raw linen, the speed of the pallet knife and refined brush strokes are characteristic of the work and contribute to obtaining an unconsciously searched difference between the pieces. Through its unique technique, self- developed after years of painting, he provides the authenticity and uniqueness of every piece within the edition.