Casper Faassen

Casper Faassen (Leidschendam 1975) is a Dutch gifted artist that grew up in Leiden, where he developed his love for drawing, painting and photography inspired by the classical paintings of Leiden-based painters such as Gerard Dou and Rembrandt vanRijn. He continued to pursue his artistic ambitions, painting daily and thus compiling an impressive oeuvre. The influence of Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) in his work -in particular his (female) nudes- can be seen clearly in both subject matter and strong line definition.

After an exploration period of study and work in the Netherlands and abroad, in 2002 Faassen decided to focus exclusively and successfully on art. Since then he has gained international recognition and appreciation: in 2007 he won a prestigious award as “Most Promising Talent” and in 2008 released a book about his life and his work as an artist

Casper’s unique style mixing photography and painted layers in his work and juxtaposing subject – beauty- with form – decay – has gained praise from critics as well as the public. Distinctive of Faassen’s works is his ongoing innovative utilisation of material, techniques and disciplines. At present, in addition to painting and graphic art, Faassen dedicates much of his time to the medium of photography. It is in his photographic work that we notice, once again, the 17th century Leiden painters who inspired him. Reflecting on his entire body of work, themes such as transience and beauty but also feminine splendour, form the basis of his work. In many of his paintings, women are depicted like a reminiscent of the Madonnas of the Middle Ages.

Faassen’s work has been exhibited at numerous international art fairs and in museums such as Fotografiska (Stockholm), Frans Hals Museum (Haarlem) and Museum de Lakenhal (Leiden). Recently, the Dordrecht Museum presented his ‘view on Dordrecht’ together with Jan van Goyen’s original from 1651.