Daniël Martin

Daniel Martin (1982) is an emerging Dutch artist that lives and works in Leiden (Netherlands). He has dedicated himself to art only since 2013 after he has left the computer graphic industry. He depicts very powerful portraits of defiled and distorted faces. The portraits seem willingly damaged after the painting was completed. Inspired by the artists Kline and Pollock, he uses his entire body to put his brush strokes on the canvas. But his style in somehow also recollects the work of  Francis Bacon, Romain Saintonge or Jonathan Yeo. His painting style is characterised by rapid and coarse brushstrokes interspersed with finely painted elements which add an exciting contrast to his spontaneous painting style.  This experimental style is a spontaneous and intuitive quest. For instance, we can pick up on the contrast between the fast brushwork and dripping paint, and the more slow and thoughtful portraiture. Daniel Martin plays with order and chaos. In so doing the portraits are being diced up in zones that somehow convince us that they are in a constant flux between assembling and disassembling themselves. This transformative aspect also reminds us of our existence being an altogether transient thing.