Jörg Döring

Jörg Döring (1965) has worked as a freelance artist since 1986 in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. Jörg Döring’s style is the result of the combination of different techniques such as oil painting, serigraphy and collage. The German painter is particularly fascinated and involved with American culture where everything revolves around fame, beauty and social success but at the same time the inevitable the tragedy as the downside. His body of work includes a series of paintings of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, which range from close-ups to huge sizes. the. He uses these cartoons as the symbolic representations of the American dream. However, his paintings are also depicted with a German flair for the dramatic, bold colours and heavy shadows.

Döring’s early work is characterized by 1960s and 1970s traditional pop art influences. This genre has always been present in his parents’ house and has had a strong impact on his work. Iconic personalities, revolutionary characters, comic, marvel and brand names, advertising claims, headlines, typographies: an aesthetic world that always surrounded Döring and continues to be used by the artist as raw material to develop his own style and work.  From the mid-nineties onwards, Döring, in addition to the oil painting traditionally practiced to date, began integrating his work with the serigraphy technique, which was to become a major focus of his extensive work. Despite the fact the serigraphs are a serial production, he achieves a very unique end product by working on them entirely by hand. Since 2010, he challenged himself practising on the collages, which are also used as a supplement or substructure for oil paintings. Döring’s creative process is characterized by a multi-layered mixture of materials and the blending of different pictorial techniques. Marilyn Monroe, skyscrapers landscape, famous movies captured in just a single image are the subjects of his silkscreens. He uses wicked pastel colours, and combines photos with rough surfaces. He after paints them with typography and written texts, whose forms and contents are equally important to Döring.

Döring’s work is shown in renowned galleries around the world and represented at the international art fairs. He also took part in over 250 exhibitions in Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Basel, Paris, New Delhi, Los Angeles and Miami. Jörg Döring has been a permanent member of ART GALERIE RICHTER since 1994 and many of his paintings are displayed in the rooms of prestigious business companies such as Breitling.