Max Gasparini

Max Gasparini was born in Rovato (Brescia), Italy in 1970 where he currently lives and works.  After studying fine art, he worked for a long time as an art restorer of masterpieces which helped him to gain some of the skills and finesse that can be found in his contemporary art. In his figurative work, Gasparini plays with the beauty and purity of its models and the apparent transience is evoked through the materials and techniques.

He paints very expressive and intimate portraits of women in black and white colours, on recycled canvas, coarse material and sometimes sheet metal or cardboards. The figures depicted are particularly detailed and they appear out of the canvas in an almost magical way evoking in the viewer deep emotions and different interpretations. Through thick brushstrokes and the use of acrylics, stucco and tar, Gasparini’s paintings suggest engaging tensions between light and shadow, strength and vulnerability, presence and absence. Max has an intimate relationship with his paint. As Jackson Pollock used to do, he firstly works on the canvas spread on the floor and then he plots it with strong brushes, strokes it with a spatula, scratching and bruising it with buckets and drippings shots.  ‘I abandon myself to the gestures. I accept the dripping colour and contemplate the scraps laying on the floor of my studio. No one will see that, but they are part of my job,’.

The result is a very instinctive, deep and passionate style that offers surprises, twists and sudden distortions but that never undermines the sharpness of the details. Gasparini’s work is very evocative, almost poetic, with a reminiscence of expressionist style. This special expressive style has earned him a name in the European art world. His work has been exhibited in many European art galleries and included in prestigious Italian public collections.