Paco Raphael

Paco Raphael is a talented and versatile young Dutch artist who brings art into everyday lives by blurring the boundaries between art and design. His work is very diversified and in his Amsterdam studio he produces a variety of design objects and pieces of art: from painting to furniture, from office to home accessories. Paco Raphael shows a new approach to all that surrounds us in life, from a painting to furniture or fashion. He expresses his passion in many unpredictable and stunning forms but always offering a high quality of work. Hence, by creating products for everyday life he queries and revises the form of known objects to elevate them to a new level so that they become real artefacts: it is at this point that art becomes functional.  He produced a series of art tables, dynamic floor lamps, urban style rugs, pop-boxers and industrial light boxes for home and offices. Paco is also a cityscape photographer and he takes pictures of contemporary urban scenes that he then mixes with the urban industrial life of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He brings the past into the present while creating a contemporary picture caught on canvas. The end product is a versatile, dynamic, and hybridised media painting which has become the distinctive mark of Paco Raphael’s artwork.

Paco crafted a series of 50 cm 3D-Printed Deer Sculptures which are the result of an experiment that investigates how old and new technique come together. Through the 3D printing technique, he obtained a beautiful deer model which shows more visible details and contours than could ever be possible with a clay version. He also printed life-sized deer sculptures which were then captured in dynamic and energetic cities such as New York. He made five versions with different deer in different cities. The unique placement of the sculptures in conventionally incongruous environments emphasises the grace and pureness of deer, which led to the popularisation and mainstream media coverage of Raphael’s work.