Titus Brein

Titus Brein (1966) is a highly appreciated artist who expresses a very seductive and sophisticated style. Given his artistic family tradition, he started painting at a very early stage in life. Thanks to his education in the old-fashioned craft of painting, he developed important skills that influenced his artistic identity. However, through his studies and working experience with famous photographer and master-painters, he has developed a distinctive technique and style. Titus’ knowledge of the craft of painting offers a base for uniqueness, comprising contemporary themes and ‘old-fashioned’ techniques, with which he resists the fashionable tendencies. He is also a keen photographer since the last thirty-years, hence his strong visual arts draw expression in both fields. He trained as a photographer at the Academy for Visual Arts in Tillburg and he has developed an entirely new form of art called ‘Photo Fusion’. This new innovative (Photo Phusion) work combines photography, prints, pigments, glass, oil colours, precious metals and other materials into fine art images. The multiple layered pieces merge transparently into a multidimensional symbiosis of image, content and thoughts. The last collection of his work combines an array of materials which were never used in the art of photography ever before.

Recently his work has shifted from abstract and non-figurative art to the figurative expressionist mixed media art. Abstract works based upon figurative sources amalgamate view, individuality and aesthetics to a new surprising image; the interaction with (day) light makes that two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional; serene, transparent and dynamic, connecting with the observer.

In both his painting and photography, he shows his artistic views like he were a lens himself; combined with a view of composition, irony and a touch of humour.

Due to this intense research and technical process, Titus offers to the public authentic and special art pieces. All the art pieces are unique and made from the first to the last steps of the process by the artist. His work is collected by international galleries & private clients.