Yolanda Philippens

Yolanda Philippens was born in Rotterdam (1956) but currently lives and works in Antwerp. The love for drawing and painting has been part of her life since she was a little child, so she trained as an artist at the TehaTx in Delft and later, in the early eighties, she moved to Belgium to attended the St.Lucas in Kapeelen.

In her figurative work, she is inspired by run-down, battered and endured buildings and walls. Through thick layers of oil paint, she captures on the canvas the beauty of decay and layer upon layer creates a landscape, a reminder of an image from the past. In her abstract work, the viewer can recognise traces of flower fields, snow covered grounds and trees. Philippens’ oeuvre is characterised by a fascinating and exciting interaction of corporeity, technology and abstract expression. Philippens experiences nature itself as a great piece of art.

In 1983 she exhibited at the Singer Museum in Laren and since then her work has been displayed in various art fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. Since 2002, she has worked regularly with artists in a studio in Spain. This studio is housed in an 18th-century house on top of a mountain which is a magic place for painting and inspiration.